I create scroll-stopping visuals of your book to help you sell more copies and grow your readership.


Professional Photography & Videography

It's a day job thing.

To you, your book is your baby, but to the world, it's a product. Like all products, there's an element of marketing in order to attract and grow your readership and ultimately sell more copies. As an author, that's probably not your favourite job, but as professional photographer and videographer, it is mine.

For more than a decade, I've been creating unique marketing visuals to help others grow their businesses. Let me arm you with some gorgeous images and video content of your book to help maximise your visibility and stop potential readers from scrolling on by.

Option 1

I’ll create bespoke photos and video of your book.

You've finally got your wonderful book in your hands, and now you've got to market it. Gulp. You want to feel more confident you have strong, relevant visuals that will attract the right readers.

You know you need visuals. That's where I come in. This is a bespoke service where you send me your book, as well as answers to a questionnaire, then I'll source props to bring your book to life in photos and video for use in your marketing. You'll receive a media suite of visuals which you can use on your website, in emails, on social media, and in print marketing.

£75 per book (£50 per book in series of 3 or more books)

  • A small suite of 15-second video clips related to your book to use and reuse as backgrounds for social media posts.

  • Approx. 40 images with vertical and horizontal variety to use in print, on your website, in your emails, and in social media marketing.

  • A 30-second video trailer of your book set to licensed music.

  • A copy of your trailer without audio for maximum flexibility so you can add your own text and sounds on social media.

  • BONUS: A list of ways to use your new visuals, including a list of social media post ideas.

OMG x infinity! They are f**king incredible. I am so completely overwhelmed with gratitude. Never did I EVER anticipate having such beautiful photos of my book. I have looked longingly at all the beautiful bookstagram photos and never been able to take any, and I just... thank you so much.

- Ruby Roe/Sacha BlackAuthor & Podcaster

(The Rebel Author Podcast)

Option 2

I can show you how to style and create better book media on your phone.

If you improve your photography and styling skills, you could up your social media game to draw in the right readers. You've got a phone, you're happy to DIY, and all you need is a little help from a pro to give you tips to maximise your book marketing visuals.

Harness the full potential of your phone camera with my self-paced online course with my best tips and tricks for book photos and videos. You'll have better photos and videos to share of your book, and can keep on creating to build your social media following with unique, engaging visuals. You'll get instant access to five simple modules - from props to phone settings - to show you how to get started straight away.


Join the waitlist for access to beta launch price of £49 (RRP £199)

  • 5 modules: Book Styling, Phone Settings, Image Making, Filming Techniques, Marketing Know How

  • Self-paced online course with lifetime access.

  • BONUS: A list of ways to use your new visuals, including a list of social media post ideas.

Option 3

Use my stock images and pre-made Canva templates to show off your book.

You'd love to set the scene with images that fit your book to make a standout statement, but you're on a tight budget.

With my pre-shot templates and a free Canva account, you can drag and drop your book cover straight into the image, then download and share to your heart's content.


  • Genre-specific stock image packs in mixed landscape and vertical formats.

  • Use on your website, in emails, on social media, and in print marketing.

  • BONUS: A set of drag-and-drop Canva templates to help create gorgeous social media posts.

I know how it is. You're an author but you're expected to wear all the hats, including the one that means you're going have to market your book. Overwhelming, am I right? Well, this is something I can help you with, by creating the right visuals as part of you plan to attract and engage your ideal readers.



Do you want a month's worth of social media photo & video ideas for your book launch?

Just let me know where to send it!


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