This is me.

I was in my thirties before I figured out that a career doesn't have to be conventional, and I've built a life and a business as a creative multi-hyphenate ever since. Rather than defining myself by a single job title, I have a patchwork career, including photography, videography, design, and writing.

I swim against the tide in many things. I'm an introvert-more-like-recluse who loves to be onstage. I'm the whimsical-princess-wannabe who goes instantly weak at the knees for powerful women, but I'll always be the one in charge. I'm a categorising, colour-coding, obsessive home organiser, but don't look at my pile of clothes I haven't yet put away. What does this say about me? Maybe that I'm a pisces, ever travelling in opposite directions...

....which is why I wrote this novel, about two women who are both me and not me. They say to, 'write what you know,' and whilst I haven't experienced half the things in Watch Over Me, I know about what it means to be forever questioning your next move in the search for your true place in life.

Thank you for lending me your eyes on my writing. This is the book of my heart.


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